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What is a Virtual Assistant?

As more and more companies are beginning to do business online, virtual assistants are increasingly becoming in demand. A virtual assistant (or a VA) is a person who works remotely from his or her client's office. More often than not, a VA hardly every sets foot in the office of the client he or she is working for.

A virtual assistant does a range of duties, which may include answering phone calls, updating websites, responding to e-mails, typing up transcripts, writing articles or doing light bookkeeping. Essentially, the duties of a virtual assistant depends on the needs of the clients and on the specialty or expertise of the VA.

Small business owners, specifically those who have online businesses, are typically the people who use the services of virtual assistants. Virtual assistants help these small business owners by freeing up their workload so that they can focus their energy on tasks that would bring in money to their business instead of using up their time doing administrative tasks.

Online business owners, however, aren't the only ones who hire VAs. Some companies hire virtual assistants instead of regular employees to perform administrative tasks. For these companies, virtual assistants are more cost effective since they work remotely using their own equipment and file their own taxes. In this regard, virtual assistants are independent contractors.

Virtual Assistant Business: What skills and tools are needed to become a VA?

There is a huge demand for virtual assistants today. You can start your own virtual assistant business if you have basic office skills and have good organizational skills. A virtual assistant business may just be the perfect business for you if your previous jobs had you working in an administrative capacity. If you do decide to start your own virtual assistant business, keep in mind that you may end up working for several clients at any one time so it is essential that you also have good time management skills.

To get your virtual assistant business started, you need to have a computer, a fast Internet connection, an e-mail address, office programs software (e.g., word processing, spreadsheet, accounting, etc.), a phone, a fax machine, a printer, a scanner and, of course, a website for your virtual assistant business. You'll also need to have a desk, chair and a workspace.

What's Next

If you're an aspiring virtual assistant be sure to visit my become a virtual assistant section for tips on how you can get started as a virtual assistant.

Already a virtual assistant? You'll find an abundance of virtual assistant resources to help you run your VA business more successfully and efficiently. Also be sure to visit the section on marketing a virtual assistant business to learn how you can fill up your virtual assistance practice with clients.



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